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  • We offer safe and reliable storage of your products in our logistics bases in Bulgaria and Belarus.

    Complete Transport:

  • We guarantee trouble-free transport of your cargo from start to finish.

    About us

    Founded by Stanko Simeonov Derilov, Staslogistik has been engaged in logistics and land transport since the day of its creation. With a key mission to conclude long-term cargo flow contracts to Asia, our company continues to expand its scope and capabilities in the transportation sector.

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    Trans-European Logistics Route:

    From Bulgaria to Belarus

    From the mountains of Bulgaria, through the picturesque plains of Romania and Hungary, passing through the historical lands of Slovakia and Poland, our unique route ends in the heart of Belarus. This trans-European route follows some of Europe's fastest growing economies, ensuring connectivity, efficiency and safety for your cargo.


    1. Efficiency: Optimized route that minimizes transport time.
    2. Safety: Passage through sustainable and stable European countries, which guarantees the security of your goods.
    3. Connectivity: Access to key markets and logistics points in Europe.
    4. Competitive prices: Possibility of optimal price decisions thanks to the efficient route.
    5. Experience: Our team is specialized in the management of this route, which guarantees professionalism and quality of service.

    Trans-Asian Logistics Route: From Belarus to Uzbekistan

    Starting from the cultural roots of Belarus, through the expanses of Russia, passing through the steppes of Kazakhstan and ending in the tempting landscapes of Uzbekistan, our route covers some of the largest and most important territories in Asia. This trans-Asian route is designed with speed, reliability and integration in key Asian markets in mind.


    1. Speed and Efficiency: A direct route that covers key transport corridors, ensuring fast and efficient transit.
    2. Stability: Pass through sustainable Asian countries with years of experience in the transport industry.
    3. Access to New Markets: Ability to expand business into new regions and access new customers.
    4. Competitive Prices: Profitable and competitive price offers for transport on this route.
    5. Professionalism: Our team has deep knowledge and experience in managing this route, which ensures a high standard of service.